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Skilled Worker Visa

For the persons whose jobs require a minimum work experience that are not temporary or seasonal.

Business Immigration Visa

People who want to invest in, or start businesses abroad. Expected to support the development.

Student Visa

We guide our clients for the perception & better career opportunities for the students, Overseas services

Certified Translations

We can translate your document from in more than three (3) different language: Portuguese, English and French.

Document Authentication

Allow VENKA WORLD EXPRESS to help you with authentication of your documents, whether it educational, Work, or Immigration purposes.

Visitor Visa

Visas for the people who want to travel to and enter as a visitor for up to 6 months. We stick the visitor visa.

National Passport

Sit back and let us work on your passport process as urgent as possible and deliver it in less time than expected.

Flight Ticket

Are you looking for the cheapest option to book a ticket for your next flight? Work with us to make your dream a reality.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance made easy by VENKA WORLD EXPRESS... get in touch to have your travel insurance as quick as possible.

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