About France

France is a semi-presidential republic with a head of government – the prime minister – appointed by the president who is the directly elected head of state. France’s territory consists of 18 administrative regions – 13 metropolitan (i.e. European France) and 5 overseas regions. All 5 of the overseas regions, as well as Saint-Martin (a French territory in the Caribbean) are considered part of the EU (with the status of outermost region). Strasbourg, a city in France, is one of the three official seats of the European institutions. The others are Brussels and Luxembourg City.

Whether in France

The weather in France varies according to the four seasons. However, it would be best to consider the regions as the climate can change throughout the country. For example, the weather is oceanic in the western regions of France. Temperature differences are moderate, and winters are mild but humid. In the southern Mediterranean climate, summers are sweltering and can reach up to 100 degrees F, and winters are mild and dry.

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So, according to the seasons, the climate can vary according to the regions. Check before your trip what is the best time for your vacation according to the plans you have and the activities you want to do.

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